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Upon its founding over five years, Northeast Psych has collaborated with athletes, performers, teams and organizations to create opportunities to enhance performance and wellness. We like to consider our work together a training ground, taking your mental “reps," practicing to rework and expand your skills and your view of yourself and your potential. We’ll be here every step of the way. All you need to do is "show up and be real." Success, in all its forms, comes after your next steps forward. 


We work with teens and adults to address all aspects of performance and wellness:


Performance anxiety

Stress management

Effective positive self-talk

Emotional regulation

Attentional control

Injury recovery

Career transitions

Academic and relational challenges

Northeast Psych also collaborates with teams and organizations for training, consultation, and program design. We work in partnership with many programs, schools and teams in Connecticut, the Northeast, and across the U.S.

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